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Enjoy a memorable fly Days with your Andino Hotel

During your stay in Quito, Hotel Andino will make you feel right at home, with its professional and helpful staff, numerous amenities and warm, traditional design.
The Hotel Andino is a new arrival on the Quito hotel scene. The refurbishment of the Hotel Andino began on October 16th, 2008, at N24-395 Leonidas Plaza Street, in the heart of the La Mariscal neighborhood. It is a family-owned business, managed by professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry who have worked in some of the finest hotels in Ecuador and guarantee quality service. They work hard to make the Hotel Andino one of the best places to stay in Quito.
The hotel's interior is highlighted by its wooden floors, staircases, doors and bannisters. The building was once a hacienda belonging to prominent quiteños, and the hotel still retains its original design. It has been accented with Andean décor, giving the walls, ceilings and bathrooms an indigenous touch.

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